Eurotopia – Directory of Communities and Ecovillages in Europe (2020)


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Finally available: the most complete and up-to-date directory of intentional communities in Europe. Detailed descriptions of more than 600 intentional communities, plus many more addresses of communities, Networks of Communities and useful addresses. There’s features about Camphill, Anastasia „kin domains“, about „community and mainstream“, „decisions in communities“ and much more. The book comes with a bibliography, a very useful index and the option to search communities in an online database.
The new „eurotopia Directory“ will inspire and help network between the change agents of this world.

  • Detailed descriptions of 600+ communities, ecovillages, settlements, cohousing projects
  • A wealth of articles on community life
  • Introduction of community networks with further community data
  • Useful addresses from all of Europe
  • Current edition 2020 – corrections, updates and online search for book entries on www.eurotopia.de/booksearch
  • Unique literature for everyone interested in living in community
  • NEWS: Unfortunately, we accidentally included the German edition map of France in the book on page 97 – find the correct map here: https://eurotopia.de/images/2019France.jpg


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