Inspiring people since 2013

OZ Cestou necestou could be freely translated as „Off the beaten track, non-profit organization“.

Our main activity is organizing of the travel festivals, where travellers talk about their experience from abroad. Most of the speakers are from Slovakia. During the years we had presentations about travelling from most parts of the world, including regions, where is hard to get, as for example North Korea, Antarctica, Papua-New Guinea, Vanuatu and many others. Usually one presentation lasts from 50 to 90 minutes and travellers show their photos and talk about their experience. After (or during) presentation visitors can ask questions, so they can get all information which they need before their trip.

Our motto is: „We inspire people to travel to all cardinal directions to discover the unknown“. Since our foundation, we’ve organized more than 200 events with more than 1300 travelling presentations and films for more than 33.000 visitors. Currently we organize 50 – 70 events per year in 10 – 15 Slovak towns for 8.000 visitors. Majority of our events are in Slovak language, but if you did some adventurous journey, about which you would like to share your experience, we are open also for presentations in English. Feel free to fill our questionnaire and let us know. You can also write an article, post a video or become a partner.

The Expedition fund

In 2015 we’ve arranged the Expedition fund with which we’ve managed to support 10 Slovak expeditions throughout the world.

At the moment we support only expeditions with at least 1 member from Slovakia. If you are foreigner living in Slovakia, you can support us by giving 2 % of your taxes (write us for more information or here is information in Slovak language)

Why are we doing this?

We are being pushed forward by your words of thanks, the desire of new and new interesting people to present at our events and a wonderful team of volunteers, from which Lukáš even took our T-shirt to his wedding. 🙂