2 unique adventure presentations in English language in March 2016 in Bratislava

In few days will start travel festival tour in 16 towns of Slovakia. We are glad to say, that we will have 2 special guests with presentations in English language (without translation). First about incredible climbing quest (climbing 3 highest mountains of all continents) and second about diving with sharks in South Africa. For more information read text below.

20.2.2016 Limbach

Saturday 12.3.2016 at 5:30 PM: Christian Stangl with presentation „Triple Seven Summits – three times arround the globe“

Austrian Christian Stangl became the first person to successfully climb the so called „Triple Seven Summits“, the three highest peaks of every continent. To climb all 21 peaks forming this elusive quest he traveled multiple times to the papuan jungle, the frozen continent antarctica and to the majestic himalayas. He vsited and climbed in the alaskan mountain ranges and in the south american andes as well. Altough Mount „K2“, the „mountaineers mountain“ was by far the toughest callenge of the entire quest, the antarctic continent was for Christian Stangl the most impressive. The pristine white, the imense cold and the 24 hours lasting sunlight in the antarctic summer left a sustainable impression to the austrian mountain guide. But Christian Stangl is not just a ordinary mountaineer. He started his career as a so called „skyrunner“ speeding up the tallest mountains as fast as possible. As he comes to Slowakia for the first time he will give us a closer look to his favorit sport and we´ll get further some impressions of his „Atacama“ desert solo crossing from north to south as well. He managed 900 Kilometers on foot, spending 34 days alone in the desert…

On Sunday 13.3.2016 at 5:50 PM will come JP Botha from South Africa to speak about: „Shark diving and other unusual adventures in Southern Africa“

Off the beaten track in Southern Africa.

Diving with Great White Sharks, The Sardine run along the Wild Coast, Diving the Okavango Delta and unusual safaris in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Land safaris going off the beaten track to the more remote and places, experiencing wild nature at its best.

Photo above by Daniel Botelho. This presentation is brough to you by our partner Academia Aquatica, which offers diving courses.


Other presentations will be in Slovak language (leaflet). On the place you will find exotic food, nice handmade products and concert on didgeridoo and baritonsaxofon on Friday evening at 8PM.

Tickets are available (only day tickets) in presale and also will be available on the place, in DK Ružinov, Bratislava

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